Molly Burdett profile picture.

Molly tells soulful and emotionally honest stories across music videos, film and photography. Packed with meaning and symbolism, her striking visuals cut straight to the heart. She has a passion for telling powerful and human centred narratives which feel raw and relatable. 

Molly worked closely with the artist ‘Arlo Parks’ over a few years, helping to develop her visual identity across six music videos.  ‘Hope’ was nominated for ‘Best Pop video’ at the UKMVA’s 2021 and ‘Black Dog’ for ‘Best R&B / Soul’ 2020.  She has worked with Oscar nominated DOP Robbie Ryan on a domestic abuse charity advert for Women’s Aid.  ‘Respite' was nominated at 'Cannes Lions Awards 2021’, won three awards at Creative Circle Awards 2021. She was also nominated for ‘Best New Director’ at Kinsale Shark Awards 2021 and ‘A Young Arrow’ award at The British Arrows 2022. Her film ‘Have A Word’ for the Mayor Of London received over 7 million views on the Mayor Of London page and gained an amazing response on Twitter / Instagram whilst also sparking conversations in popular culture.

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