Marcus Söderlund profile picture.

Born in Bergsjon, a suburb north of Gothenburg, Marcus knew from a very early age that he wanted nothing else but to direct moving images.

In 2007, he won a Kodak Cinematography Award. His music videos have since been nominated for 4 Swedish Grammy’s and his promo for The Tough Alliance’s “Silly Crime’s” was featured on Pitchfork’s list of The Top 50 Music videos of the 2000s. CEO Come with Me was also selected as a Pitchfork best video of 2010.

Marcus has gone on to work with artists like The XX, Miike Snow, and Fibes, Oh Fibes. He can inject emotion into practically anything.

Marcus captures life in his films in a visceral, emotional, intimate way and adds a real lightness to the scenes to make us smile. He looks for specific details such as shaking knees, a slight smile of excitement, moments that say a lot in emotional scenes. He blends this into a very narrative and visual overall. There is a certain sincerity in his films that is unique to him, probably because he writes his films from a snowy cabin, surrounded by deer that remind him of the simple pleasures of life.

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