Jérémie Galan profile picture.

Since he graduated from college with a 3D Animation diploma with a major in screenwriting, Jeremie never stopped improving his craft by taking online courses offered by US colleges. He continued to fine-tune his skills, working along with renowned French screenwriters, even going to work on Entertainment shows in France while he was preparing his first Feature film script "Piégé" before turning to directing after creating, writing, and directing along with his friend Jonathan Cohen (currently N°1 Comedy talent in France) the pilot of FranceKbek which was picked as a series by OCS (Pay TV Channel of Orange Group). He will shoot 2 seasons back to back, learning how to stretch a dollar without giving up on his ambition for his projects. In the year 2010s, he founded BlackshipTV, a post-production company which is listed among the favored partner of NETFLIX, before adapting Ben Stiller’s Burning Love with Jonathan Cohen for Canal+ under the name: LA FLAMME.

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