Duncan Winecoff profile picture.

Duncan’s childhood was spent between Nova Scotia, Canada and Ojai, California, in a fractured, but loving family of practicing Buddhists in the Tibetan lineage. At 18, he found his way to New York City, where he lived many lives and pursued all of his heart’s desires. It wasn’t until his younger brother entered the film program at NYU that Duncan realized how important the medium is – and how one can engage with the world so profoundly through it. Together, they dove head-first into the craft and discovered their unique paths. 

Drawing inspiration from his own poignant life experiences, and of those who he encounters - from the auspicious to the beautiful to the haunting - Duncan is convinced that the craft of filmmaking is also the science of empathy. His work effortlessly crosses genres within traditional storytelling styles, as well as within a more poetic, editorial framework, making him a strong candidate for nearly every category, from luxury & fashion, to sports, lifestyle, cars and beyond.

When not shooting, you can find Duncan with his partner, Sheila, and their two sons, Lucius & June, surfing, gardening, home-building and exploring in the endless California sun.

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