Mark Zibert

Mark Zibert

Mark Zibert began his career as a professional photograph. Since then, he has kept a passion for camera operating and holds a strong opinion on framing and lighting. Because of this, he frequently acts as Director of Photography for his own projects.

When he transitioned into commercials, it did not take long for Mark’s talent to be recognized as effortlessly original and technically abstract. In a very short time, he has shot many of the world’s top athletes as well as receiving numerous awards.

We can distinguish his work by the way he brings emotion to each campaign through powerful narratives. His work with the Canadian charity “Sick Kid’s Foundation” is heartwarming, intense, and breathtaking. The videos take a refreshingly unsentimental approach to its subject, while undeniably packing a punch. All the children appearing in the campaign are current or former patients with the charity and the adults are staff members.

Mark Zibert’s goal is to create videos with depth that go beyond a tv commercial.