Wolf & Lamm

Wolf & Lamm

Wolf & Lamm are a Berlin based directing duo, consisting of Joffrey Jans and Kai Kurve. According to the guys, they were involved in a pile up and started Wolf & Lamm to pay off their lawyers.

Joffrey studied at Parsons School of Design in NYC, where he co-founded his first animation studio, “Kompost.tv”. After moving to Berlin he started working as a producer for MTV, and was Art Director for the award winning redesign of VIVA television. Whilst working as a freelance Art Director he began directing music videos for numerous leading German bands.

Kai studied art at HBK Braunschweig with a focus on film and video. He started working as a graphic designer for both print and motion graphics in the music industry and soon moved into directing his own.

Kai and Joffrey became Wolf & Lamm in 2011. Often risqué, always fun, their work combines innovative narrative with a fresh and sexy edge. “We get inspiration from basically everywhere. From fine art to pop culture, museums and discos, blogs and books.” When asked to characterize their work, Wolf & Lamm gave the following list:
“Candy / Colours / Skip / School / Black / Humour / Good / Taste / Drop / Dead / Beautiful / Naked / Lunch / Lick / Time / Dangerous / Touch / Leather / Love / You.”