This Is Felo

This Is Felo

This Is Felo is a directing duo of humor and vignettes, with a wide variety of styles and techniques that combines visual storytelling, animation and a strong art direction.

This Is FE(rmin) ~ He specializes in bizarre comedy, non-fiction style and storytelling which he achieves through a great eye for casting and performances with strong aesthetic visuals. He won 7 Cannes Lions with "The Town Where Nothing Ever Happens" which also became The Big Won Report´s 2nd. Most Awarded Worldwide Campaign.

This Is LO(rena) ~ She has a mixed media background of film, animation and visual effects. She focuses on unique visually powerful images constructed predominantly by blending various techniques to create art direction driven narratives. She compiles a large amount of awards including LAUS, El Sol and Ciclope.

This Is Felo worked with the most renowned agencies worldwide. Clients they worked for include Ikea, Vodafone, Toyota, Converse, Sony, Coca Cola, Canal+, J&B, ING Direct, Heineken, Procter & Gamble, Novartis, Super U, MTV, Samsung.