Rodrigo Saavedra

Rodrigo Saavedra

Rodrigo might seem to be new in the directing game, but don't be fooled: this guy has both massive talent and experience.

Schooled at the prestigious St Martins College of Art and Design in London, Rodrigo went on to work as an art director, copywriter and finally creative director in no less prestigious agencies.

Part of the advertising business for 10 years, working for agencies such as Mother London, Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam, Santo Buenos Aires, his talent did not go unnoticed, as he brought back a bunch of awards, including some from D&AD, the One Show and the Cannes Lions, just to name a few.

He could have stayed in the agency life and continue what was obviously a successful career, but he had a lot more to give.

And that's when he decided to join the directing game, and we are thankful. This second career officially started in July 2013 and geez, Rodrigo was no slow beginner - quickly making movies for huge clients such as Budweiser, Chivas, Ford, Nissan, and the most recent ad phenomenon the Internet has been raving about: his work for Scrabble (Time magazine called it "the perfect love story for word nerds").

The reason behind such a rapid and ongoing success?
The magic he brings to his spots. He's capable of creating something light and whimsical without going too quaint. He loves the good dose of quirkiness, but he's also not afraid of doing a completely epic movie.

He doesn't just make an ad for a board game classic, he makes a delightful quirky love story. He doesn't just make an ad for a car, he creates a full road trip romance, with a twist. He doesn't just make a spot about skateboarding, he puts together a story of growing up and becoming an adult, but with a reminder to not take yourself too seriously.

In all his work, storytelling remains key, and his attention to detail, composition, and surroundings show through. His spots become something more than just ads, they become real entertainment.